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What is BeatsForex.com?

BeatsForex.com is a website safety checker that helps you determine if a website is safe to visit. It does this by checking the site against a database of known malicious websites, as well as checking for any signs of suspicious activity. If a site is found to be unsafe, BeatsForex.com will provide you with a warning and recommend that you avoid it.

What does BeatsForex.com do?

BeatsForex.com is a website safety checker that helps you determine whether a website is safe to visit. It does this by checking the website’s SSL certificate and looking for any known malicious software. If you’re not sure whether a website is safe, you can always check it out with BeatsForex.com.

Is BeatsForex.com a safe website?

BeatsForex.com is a website that bills itself as “The World’s First and Only Automated Bitcoin Trading Platform.” The site claims to offer a way for users to make money by trading Bitcoin, but there are some red flags that make us question the safety of this website.

For one, the site lacks any contact information. There is no way to get in touch with the company if you have questions or problems. This is always a red flag, as it makes it difficult to hold the company accountable if something goes wrong.

Additionally, the site’s terms and conditions are very vague. They state that the company does not guarantee any results from using their platform, which means that you could lose all of your money with no recourse.

Lastly, we were unable to find any independent reviews of BeatsForex.com. All of the reviews we found were on affiliate sites that stand to make money if you sign up for an account with this website.

Given all of these red flags, we would recommend proceeding with caution if you’re considering using BeatsForex.com.

How to use BeatsForex.com

If you are looking for a website safety checker, then BeatsForex.com is a great option. This website provides users with a detailed report on the safety of a given website. Simply enter the URL of the site you want to check and click “Scan Now”.

BeatsForex.com will then scan the site and provide a report detailing any potential risks. The report will also offer advice on how to stay safe when visiting the site.

So, if you are concerned about the safety of a particular website, then head over to BeatsForex.com and give it a try. It just might save you from some potential headaches down the road.

Alternatives to BeatsForex.com

There are many alternatives to BeatsForex.com, including but not limited to:

– SafeWeb
– WOT (Web of Trust)
– SiteAdvisor
– Norton Safe Web

Each of these services offers a different way to check the safety of a website. SafeWeb, for example, will give you a warning if a site is known to be malicious. WOT will show you user ratings and reviews for a site, so you can see what others think about it. SiteAdvisor will tell you if a site is safe to visit or not. And Norton Safe Web will check a site for malware and other threats.


I hope this review of BeatsForex.com has helped you understand a little more about how website safety checkers work. I think they are a valuable tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you frequently visit unknown websites or download files from the internet. I would definitely recommend giving BeatsForex.com a try next time you need to check the safety of a website or download.

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