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What is EnclaveFX.com?

EnclaveFX.com is a website that claims to be a trading platform for the foreign exchange (FOREX) market. However, there are many red flags that suggest that this website may be a scam. For one, the website does not provide any information about who owns or operates the company behind the platform. Additionally, the platform itself does not seem to be very user-friendly or reliable. Finally, there have been several complaints from users who claim that they have been scammed by EnclaveFX.com.

How does EnclaveFX.com work?

EnclaveFX.com is a social trading and investment platform that allows its users to copy the trades of successful investors in real-time. It also provides users with tools and resources to help them make informed investment decisions.

The platform is free to use and does not charge any fees or commissions. There is also no minimum deposit required to start using the service.

To start copying the trades of other investors, simply create an account on EnclaveFX.com and connect it to your broker account. You can then select which investors you want to follow and how much you want to invest in each one. The platform will automatically execute the trades for you.

The success of your investments will depend on the performance of the investors you follow. However, EnclaveFX.com does provide a number of risk management features that can help you minimize your losses if the market turns against you.

Overall, EnclaveFX.com is a simple and convenient way to access the world of social trading and investment. It is perfect for those who are new to this type of investing, as well as experienced traders who are looking for a more hands-off approach.

Is EnclaveFX.com a scam or not?

It is impossible to definitively say whether EnclaveFX.com is a scam or not without further investigation. However, there are several red flags that suggest that it may be a scam. For example, the website does not provide any contact information other than an email address. Additionally, the website claims to offer a “100% no questions asked money back guarantee,” but there are no details about how this guarantee works.

There are also several positive aspects of the website that could indicate that it is not a scam. For example, the website has been around since 2009 and appears to have a strong online presence. Additionally, EnclaveFX.com offers a free demo account so that potential clients can try out the platform before committing to anything.

Ultimately, whether or not EnclaveFX.com is a scam is impossible to say without further investigation. However, the red flags should be taken into consideration before investing any money with this company.

What do people say about EnclaveFX.com?

If you’re looking for an online broker that offers forex trading, you may have come across EnclaveFX.com. But what do people really say about this broker? Is it a reputable company, or is it a scam?

Here’s what we found when we looked into what people are saying about EnclaveFX.com:

Overall, it seems that people are generally happy with this broker. There are many positive reviews from satisfied customers who have been using the platform for a while and are happy with the results they’ve been getting.

There are also some negative reviews, but these seem to be mostly from people who have had bad experiences with customer service or who have made losses in their trading. Overall, it seems that the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re considering using EnclaveFX.com as your forex broker, then it’s worth doing some more research to make sure that it’s the right fit for you. But based on what we’ve seen, it seems like this could be a good option for those looking for a reliable and reputable forex broker.


After reading this EnclaveFX.com review, it is clear that this website is not a scam. They offer a legitimate trading platform with a variety of features that can be beneficial for traders. However, there are also some cons to consider before signing up. Overall, EnclaveFX.com seems like a decent option for those looking to get started in online trading.

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