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ForexRobotAcademy.com Review



ForexRobotAcademy.com is a new entrant into the online forex trading education space. The website offers a comprehensive course on forex trading, covering everything from the basics of currency pairs to more advanced concepts like price action and technical analysis. The website also has a very active forum, where members can interact with each other and discuss trade ideas, strategies and market moves. In this review, we will take a look at the pros and cons of ForexRobotAcademy.com, as well as what other traders have been saying about the site.

What is ForexRobotAcademy.com?

Forex Robot Academy is an online resource that provides forex robots, software and systems for traders to use in their own trading. The site also offers a range of tutorials and resources to help users get the most out of their forex robots.

The forex robots on offer at Forex Robot Academy have been designed by professional traders and are suitable for a range of different trading styles. The software is easy to use and can be customized to suit each individual trader’s needs.

The tutorials and resources available on Forex Robot Academy are designed to help users get the most out of their forex robots and make more informed trading decisions. The site also offers a forum where users can share ideas and strategies.

How Does ForexRobotAcademy.com Work?

ForexRobotAcademy.com is an online resource that provides users with access to a variety of forex trading robots. The website offers a wide range of features and tools that allow users to customize their forex trading experience.

The website’s main features include:

-A library of forex trading robots: ForexRobotAcademy.com offers a wide selection of forex trading robots, which can be browsed and filtered by a variety of criteria.

-A robot builder tool: This tool allows users to create their own customized forex trading robot, using a drag-and-drop interface.

-A backtesting tool: This tool allows users to test their forex trading robot against historical data, in order to gauge its performance.

-A live trading simulator: This simulator allows users to practice their forex trading skills using real-time market data, without risking any actual capital.

Is ForexRobotAcademy.com a Scam?

ForexRobotAcademy.com is not a scam. There are, however, some concerns that have been raised about the company.

Some users have complained that they were unable to withdraw money from their account after depositing it. Others have reported that they have had difficulty getting in touch with customer support.

The company has also been accused of being a “bucket shop,” which is an unregulated brokerage firm that takes advantage of its clients.

Overall, there are some concerns about ForexRobotAcademy.com, but it is not a scam.

ForexRobotAcademy.com Pros and Cons

ForexRobotAcademy.com offers a unique opportunity for forex traders to learn how to trade with robots. The website provides a comprehensive course on forex trading, complete with video lessons and an interactive robot simulator.

The website has a clean, modern design and is easy to navigate. The courses are well organized and the videos are high quality. The robot simulator is a great tool that allows users to practice trading with different robots.

One downside of ForexRobotAcademy.com is that it is not free. The courses and simulator access are available for a monthly fee. However, the website does offer a 7-day trial so that users can try out the features before committing to a subscription.


Overall, we would say that the Forex Robot Academy is a great place for both beginner and experienced traders to learn more about forex trading. The website offers a lot of helpful information and resources, and the community seems very friendly and supportive. We also like that there is no pressure to sign up for a paid subscription, although doing so would certainly give you access to even more features and benefits.

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