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If you’re thinking about investing in FXCoinex.com, you’ll want to read this review first. We’ll be taking a close look at the site’s trustworthiness, safety, and security to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your needs. So far, we haven’t found any major red flags with FXCoinex.com. However, we would recommend proceeding with caution when using the site. Be sure to do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose.

What is FXCoinex.com?

FXCoinex.com is a new online broker that specializes in digital currency trading. The company is based in Estonia and is regulated by the country’s financial watchdog, the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA).

The broker offers a range of account types to suit different traders, including a standard account with a minimum deposit of $250 and a leverage of up to 1:500, and a VIP account with a minimum deposit of $50,000 and leverage of up to 1:1000.

FXCoinex.com also offers Islamic accounts, which are compliant with Sharia law. These accounts have no rollover fees or swap charges.

The broker provides access to a range of markets including forex, CFDs on commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrency pairs. Cryptocurrency trading is available 24/7 on the FXCoinex platform.

The company has a team of experienced professionals who provide support and guidance to clients. The broker’s website is available in English, Russian and Chinese.

Is FXCoinex.com a scam?

No, FXCoinex.com is not a scam. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of your funds deposited with them.

FXCoinex is a new cryptocurrency exchange that launched in September 2017. The company is based in Hong Kong and claims to be “the most advanced digital asset exchange”.

The website has a modern design and looks professional. The trading platform is user-friendly and easy to use.

However, there are several red flags that we want to point out. First of all, the company is very secretive about its team and ownership structure. There is no information about the people behind this exchange on their website or in the public domain.

Secondly, the exchange has been involved in some shady business practices. In October 2017, they were accused of wash trading by Bitfinex’ed (a well-known blogger who exposes fraudulent behavior in the cryptocurrency industry).

Wash trading is a type of market manipulation where an investor buys and sells an asset simultaneously to create artificial volume and mislead other investors into thinking there is more interest in the asset than there actually is.

Thirdly, FXCoinex has been accused of being a Ponzi scheme by several bloggers and YouTube channels. These accusations are based on the fact that the company offers unrealistic returns on investments (up to 50% per month) and uses affiliate marketing to drive traffic to their site.

We believe that you should be very careful before investing any

The pros and cons of FXCoinex.com

FXCoinex.com is a new, upcoming cryptocurrency exchange that has generated a lot of buzz lately. The pros of using this exchange include the fact that it supports a large number of altcoins, has low fees, and includes features such as stop-loss orders and margin trading. However, there are also some cons to consider before using FXCoinex.com. These include the fact that the site is still in beta, so it may be subject to change or instability, and that there have been some reports of customer service issues. Overall, though, FXCoinex.com seems like a promising option for those looking for an altcoin-friendly exchange with low fees and advanced features.

Should you use FXCoinex.com?

When looking for a new broker, there are many factors to consider. One important factor is trust. You want to make sure that your broker is trustworthy and will not steal your money or personal information.

FXCoinex.com is a new broker that has been gaining popularity recently. But is this broker trustworthy? Let’s take a look at the FXCoinex.com site and see if it is a safe place to trade.

The FXCoinex.com site uses SSL encryption to protect your personal information. This is the same security that is used by major banks and financial institutions. So you can be sure that your information is safe with this broker.

Another thing to consider when looking at a broker’s trustworthiness is their regulation status. FXCoinex.com is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This regulator ensures that brokers follow strict rules and regulations in order to protect investors. So you can be confident that this broker is following all the necessary regulations.

In conclusion, FXCoinex.com appears to be a reliable and trustworthy broker. They use industry-standard security measures to protect your information and are regulated by a reputable authority. So if you’re looking for a new broker, you can definitely consider using FXCoinex


Based on our review, FXCoinex.com is a reliable and trustworthy site that you can use to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They have a wide range of currencies available, as well as a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to trade. We also like that they offer 24/7 customer support in case you have any questions or issues. Overall, we think FXCoinex.com is a great option for those looking for a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

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