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HDFCsec.com Review


Introduction to HDFCsec.com

HDFCsec.com is an online trading platform that offers a variety of perks and features to its clients. These include a user-friendly interface, comprehensive market data and analysis, and a wide range of trading tools. The platform also provides access to a team of experienced trading professionals who can provide support and guidance.

Trading Platforms and Client Perks

HDFC Securities is a leading stock broker in India with over 1 million clients and provides trading platforms for all types of investors, from beginner to advanced. The company offers a variety of perks for its clients, including free research reports, mobile trading apps, and attractive interest rates on margin accounts.

HDFC Securities’ flagship trading platform is HDFC Trader Pro, which is a web-based platform that offers real-time quotes, advanced charting tools, and integrated research. The platform is designed for active traders and supports multiple order types, including market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders. HDFC Trader Pro also offers streaming news from Thomson Reuters and advanced market analysis from HDFC’s team of research analysts.

For less active traders, HDFC Securities offers the Simple Trading Platform (STP), which is a basic web-based platform that provides real-time quotes and simple charting tools. STP is ideal for investors who want to trade stocks without complications or frills.

In addition to its two main trading platforms, HDFC Securities also provides mobile trading apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The mobile apps have all the features of the web-based platforms but are optimized for use on smaller screens.

Finally, HDFC Securities offers attractive interest rates on margin accounts to encourage clients to trade more actively. Margin account holders can get up to 50% additional funds from HDFC at competitive interest rates starting at 0

User Ratings and Feedback

User ratings and feedback are an important part of any online review, and HDFCsec.com is no different. We take a look at what users have to say about the trading platform, client perks, and more.

HDFCsec.com has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot, with users praising the platform for its ease of use and customer service. One user even went so far as to call it the “best online trading platform in India”.

However, not all users are happy with HDFCsec.com. Some have complained about hidden fees and charges, while others have said that the platform is difficult to use.

Overall, HDFCsec.com seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to user ratings and feedback. However, the majority of users seem to be happy with the platform overall.

Pros and Cons

HDFC Securities is a Mumbai based stockbroker that was founded in 2000. They offer trading in stocks, derivatives, currency, and commodities on NSE, BSE, and MCX. They also offer mutual fund investments and IPOs. In this review, we will take a look at the HDFC Securities trading platforms, client perks, and user ratings.

HDFC Securities offers two main trading platforms: the Web-based Trade Tiger platform and the mobile trading app “HFDCsec Mobile Trading”. The Trade Tiger platform is feature-rich and includes advanced charting tools, market heat-maps, equity research reports, etc. The mobile app is very user-friendly and includes all the features of the web-based platform. Both platforms are available free of cost to HDFC Securities clients.

HDFC Securities provides its clients with several perks such as free Zeta meal card worth Rs. 1500/- per month, complimentary subscription to Equitymaster research reports, and diminished brokerage charges for high frequency traders.

According to user ratings on different forums, HDFC Securities is a reliable broker with good customer service. However, some users have complained about high brokerage charges and difficult account opening process.


Overall, HDFCsec.com is a reliable and user-friendly trading platform with plenty of perks for its clients. While it doesn’t offer the lowest fees out there, it more than makes up for it in terms of customer service and support. If you’re looking for a broker that will be there to help you every step of the way, HDFCsec.com is definitely worth considering.

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