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Forex rebate service: everything you need to know about rebate

Forex rebate service: everything you need to know about rebate

Statistics of key queries in Wordstat on rebate (about 2500 thousand per month) shows that rebate is not very popular among traders. Compared to other requests, statistics for which are several tens of thousands, this is very little. The situation is similar with Forex rebate services.

Compared to the number of brokers, the number of rebate services is relatively small, due to the following reasons:

  • Many traders (most of whom are beginners) do not know in principle about the existence of the possibility of spread compensation.
  • Brokers do not seek to actively promote this service. Despite the fact that for them it is a marketing tool, they are not always willing to share a part of their profits;
  • Traders, by virtue of their nature (laziness, bias), do not try to understand the essence of the service, not trusting the intermediaries, which are rebate services.

We will try to eliminate all these gaps by telling you the most important points about the rebate.

What is a rebate

Rebate is a partial compensation of trading costs from the broker. These costs include spread, swap and other commissions. In order to stimulate the trader and maintain his interest in trading, brokers are ready to partially compensate for the costs, subject to his activity.

What a trader needs to know about rebate and Forex rebate service:

  • Rebate can be of two types: broker and rebate service. In the first case, the broker compensates part of the trading costs himself, without resorting to third-party resources. In the second case, the broker gives this instrument to independent services. The second option allows you to attract more traders, since cooperation with services is advertising. On the other hand, the broker is forced to share the commission. For a trader, the second option is preferable due to the possibility of a rebate from several brokers at the same time.
  • A trader, working with a rebate service, does not bear any risks. Information leakage is excluded (and even less critical), no financial investments are required. It is enough for a trader to go through a 15-minute registration and link both cabinets. Compensation can be instant, but most often the money comes on a fixed day once a week or a month.
  • The rebate can be fixed (a specific amount for each lot) or relative (% of the spread).
  • Rebate has the only danger – personal psychological perception. There are situations when traders, counting on a rebate, increase the number of transactions and trading volumes, violating the risk management.
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Fxbotreview is a Forex rebate service that has been working in partnership with brokers and traders for over 8 years. Long-term cooperation with brokers allows us to offer each trader the best rebate conditions, guaranteeing responsibility and reliability. Learn more about how to make trading even more efficient – visit the Fxbotreview website!

Fxbotreview — we value every partner!

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