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How to tell if your broker account has been hacked

How to tell if your broker account has been hacked

No access to your account or money missing from your account? Not so simple. The internal rules of the broker assume the withdrawal of money only to the account from which the replenishment took place. In individual cases, account replacement is possible, but the trader will have to give weighty arguments and confirmations for permission. The goal of the scammers is your money, but they will not work so clumsily. Their trump card is patience. How to determine that your account has been hacked – in this review.

Broker account protection from hacking

The main goal of hacking an account is one – your money. You can access them only after your personal data has been received. Having gained access to the account, the scammer receives additional information – your outgoing transactions with wallet numbers, internal correspondence, etc. Next is a matter of technology. The more information a scammer has about you, the more opportunities he has to lure additional information from you.

For example, from internal correspondence, a scammer learns names, surnames, some of your personal events. He then contacts you on behalf of the broker’s support and provides information from your profile for persuasion. You are sincerely sure that no one except the broker can know the information from the profile. And you answer questions, revealing access to other personal data – a card, wallets, etc.

Another problem is that not only the scammer, but also the broker himself can gain access to the account. His interest is that you quickly “merge” the deposit. Alas, this also happens.

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Money isn’t the only reason you need your account. The youth enjoy it. There are many examples when accounts are hacked just like that, after which the deposit is drained for pleasure. In the cryptocurrency world, the goals can be more serious – for example, overclocking the price of a garbage token due to your deposit.

How to determine if your account has been hacked:

  • Problems with logging into your personal account. This may be due to the fact that the broker may periodically reset the password for your safety. But it can also mean that someone unsuccessfully tried to pick up the keys to your account.

What to do: Change all passwords, including security questions. See if the problems recur.

  • Changes in the personal account. Removed part of the correspondence or history (quotes, trading, statistics). Changed interface settings, color palette.

What to do: ask the broker a question. Changes may be due to updates. But there may have been outside interference.

  • Hanging of the trading platform, incorrect operation. The problem may be in the platform itself, but probably the “help” of the broker. If the orders do not work in your favor, the terminal hangs at the most inopportune moment, look for the reason.

What to do: Reinstall the platform. Delete the extra archive of quotes, unused scripts, advisers, indicators. Compare the operation of your terminal with a similar terminal of another broker on a demo account.

We saw something suspicious – do not rush to panic. Perhaps there is no reason. Consider whether someone could have accessed your account, and for what purpose. Change your passwords. Do not give extra information to third parties. Set up a notification when someone tries to log into your account. Password protect your smartphone and SIM card. In case of loss of a smartphone, the first thing they do is get access to your accounts through a SIM card. Be careful!

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