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Item 70: Long-term Strategies

Item 70: Long-term Strategies

Long-term strategies – strategies designed to hold a deal for several days, sometimes weeks. They are also called position trading. Holding for a month or more is an investment, although these definitions do not have a clear boundary. Long-term trading systems are built on daily timeframes, weekly and monthly intervals are used for analysis. The principle of the strategies is to search for a strong trend that could bring 200-250 points or more. On stock assets that do not have a growth ceiling, longer systems are built. On currency pairs with a characteristic range of movement, systems are built with holding transactions in the market for up to 5 days. They try to close positions before the weekend to avoid charging a triple swap.

Long-Term Strategies – The Best Fxbotreview Blog Articles

  1. “Positional trading: pros and cons”. The review considers the essence of positional trading, the technique of opening deals, and the differences from other trading systems. Attention is paid to the use of leverage, drawdowns and other points. The article will be of interest to those who are just getting acquainted with long-term trading and its tools.
  2. “Long-term strategies: pros and cons”. Another look at the advantages and disadvantages of long-term strategies. The emphasis is on the emotional component – the trader will see the result only after a long time, during which many times there is a temptation to close the deal ahead of schedule.
  3. “Long-term trading strategy without indicators”. The strategy is based on the fact that trading fades closer to the weekend – on Friday afternoon, many assets are flat. The analysis is carried out according to the weekly chart, on the basis of which pending orders are placed. The strategy refers to systems with high risk.
  4. “Long-term strategy for the DRP2 indicator”. The idea of ​​the indicator is taken from the book by Thomas Demark, who is the author of other indicators described in the Fxbotreview blog. The indicator has almost no settings and works with pending orders. The strategy is classified as high-risk due to inaccurate signals. But you can build a full-fledged trading system on its basis.
  5. “Strategy for 7Days Daily Charts”. The goal is to catch a movement of 3-5 candles on the daily chart. Despite the relatively large number of false signals, profitable trades cover losses by several times. The secret of the strategy is short stops, news control and the absence of fear of early closing of the position.
  6. “Turtles and Turtle Soup”. Part 1 and Part 2. This trading system has an interesting history that goes back to the 1970s. There are no detailed recommendations in the reviews, but the base contained in the strategy can be used to build a trading system.
  7. “Positional traps for beginner traders”. A small overview of what market maker traps exist and how to get around them, trading errors by levels, etc. The information in the article applies to all types of trading systems, but it will be useful for those who are going to work on daily intervals.
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Do not rush to open trades according to step-by-step recommendations for strategies from the Internet – you will get a loss in most cases. In the Fxbotreview blog, we publish examples of basic strategies that need testing, selection of settings for the current market situation and your goals. But why invent something of your own when there is already a ready-made and history-tested base.

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