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Trading panel and deposit protection

Expert-utility is designed formanual trading.

In the background, it tracks the actions of the trader and does not allow you to
get a loss higher than the last set by placing an orderStop Loss. The level of possible
the loss (risk) is set by the trader independently in the deposit currency.

Utility functions:

  • Automatic order placementStop Loss
    depending on the value you set in the deposit currency (%of the value
    deposit amount);
  • Trading Menu: Buy, Sell, Close, Expand
    showing the current Ask and Bid prices;
  • Information panel: Deposit, Position, OrdersStop Loss and Take Profit;
  • Volume control panel: Each section:
    Zoom in, Reset, Zoom Out; Buttons: Maximum possible lot to open,
    minimum lot size;
  • Arrow pointer: If you decide to zoom in
    the volume of the position, then this tool will show you the new price level of your position.
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