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ACB Breakout Arrows MT5


The ACB Breakout Arrows indicator generates important signals to enter the market, identifying special breakout patterns. The indicator constantly scans the chart, waiting for a pulse to appear in one direction, and generates an accurate entry signal right before the big move.

Key features:

  • Does not redraw!
  • Shows the stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Suitable for intraday traders, swing traders and scalpers.
  • Optimized algorithm for improving signal accuracy.
  • A pre-calculated risk-to-profit ratio for each transaction.
  • Recommendations on the lot size using a pre-determined risk percentage for each trade.
  • A special level for making it easier to move to breakeven or scalping a target (quick profit line).


Use the “ACB Trade Filter Indicator” to filter out trades with a low probability of success.


  • History Bars: the number of bars to calculate the indicator.
  • Signal Sensitivity: the sensitivity of the arrows (signal strength).
  • Bars for SL: the number of bars to calculate the stop loss.
  • Display Information: Show / hide signal information in the upper-left corner of the graph.
  • Lot Size Information: show / hide the calculation of the lot size for the last signal.
  • Risk per trade: the percentage of risk per trade.
  • Show Target Lines: show / hide stop loss, take profit, and quick profit levels.
  • Show Max Profit: enable / disable the display of the maximum profit line: the most favorable movement in pips for the last signal.
  • Alert Settings: Alert settings – message, email, push notification, and beep.

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Use the following code to apply the indicator in the Expert Advisor.


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