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ACB Trade Filter MT4


The ACB Trade Filter indicator filters out unlikely trading signals in a trading strategy. The product uses a sophisticated filtering algorithm based on market sentiment and trends.

  • It goes well with our other ACB Breakout Arrows indicator.
  • Filters out the unlikely signals of any indicator.
  • Avoids too frequent trades and minimizes losses.
  • Trades in the direction of market sentiment.
  • Copes well with volatility.

  • Buy if the histogram is green and the trend is bullish.
  • Sell if the histogram is red and the trend is bearish.
  • Avoid trading if the histogram is gray or the price shows a sideways movement.

  • History Bars: The number of bars on the chart to calculate.
  • Filter mode: filter mode (Normal/Hard).
  • Trend Detector: show/hide the direction of the trend.
  • Trend_Corner: The angle of the chart to display the trend direction.

Use the following code to include the indicator in the Expert Advisor.

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