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Acc TOS Snbo translated to MT4 Snbo


This indicator is an exact translation of the custom Snbo indicator from TOS for MT4

For you, the indicator will be useful for determining local market reversals, as additional filters can be used for any other indicators.

The indicator is mainly used for binary optionstrading, but it can be used for forex trading as an independent indicator or in conjunction with other indicators.

The indicator is based on the analysis of the High, Low, Close prices of the current and last 3 bars, so the indicator works without redrawing on the history and does not slow down the terminal.

The indicator is made as simple and effective as possible, while working, it does not block the chart with a bunch of text and unnecessary information.

  • Min Ratio (low[1] – low)/low[1] – minimum ratio (Low of the previous bar – Low of the current bar) / Low of the previous bar for a buy signal
  • Max Ratio (close – low)/(high-low) – the maximum ratio (Close-Low)/(High-Low) for the buy signal
  • Min Ratio (high – high[1])/high[1] – minimum ratio (High current – High previous)/ High previous for a sell signal
  • Max Ratio (high – close)/(high-low) – the maximum ratio (High-Close)/(High-Low) for the sell signal

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The original indicator code:

The MT4 version removes variables from the input parameters that are not used, and adds parameters for the ability to set their coefficients in instead of 0.000864, 0.29, 0.28

  • if you need to translate other indicators from TOS for MT4 or MT5-write to me
  • if you need this indicator under MT5-write to me, you can rewrite it


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