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The professional tool of the best stock traders is now available on the MetaTrader 5 platform. The Actual depth of market chart indicator visualizes a glass of exchange orders in the form of a histogram,
placed on the price chart and updated in real time.

Attention! The latest update is made at the request of our users!
Now the Actual Depth of Market indicator displays the current ratio
volume of purchase and sale orders (B/S ratio). The share is shown
the volume of applications of each type in the total volume of broadcast applications, as well as
absolute value of the volume of open applications.
How can this
be useful? Among professional HFT developers, it is common
the opinion that in the event of a significant skew of orders, the price at the moment will
tend to match their execution-that is, a larger volume!
Observe this and use it in your trading with our indicator
Actual Depth of Market!

Thanks to the Actual depth of market chart indicator, you
can directly evaluate the bids of players in the market on the quote chart, as
well as see large market maker bids. This will allow you to perform scalping with
jewelry accuracy, as well as be sure of the correct installation
stop-loss orders for their positions.


The indicator displays the of the application for
buying and selling in the form of horizontal histogram bars of two
appropriate colors (buy-sell). The column is displayed on the chart
prices, and its length corresponds to the total volume of orders at this level. At the
same time, the volume of the largest orders for buying and selling is additionally

The indicator displays the total
number of buy and sell orders in the form of a graph-an area with accumulation.
This allows you to estimate the total volume of requests that will be satisfied when
moving to another price level. Total volume of buy and sell orders also
plotted on a graph.

The default indicator
it is displayed in the background and does not interfere with the reading of other indicators on the chart.
When trading using this indicator, it is recommended to additionally
focus on real volumes.

This indicator will work
only on those instruments for which bids of bidders are broadcast.
First of all, it will be of interest to FORTS traders (FORTS) and other exchange
markets that the platform > MetaTrader 5 provides access to.

The indicator parameters allow you
to display the chart as conveniently as possible:

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28 January 2013


20 July 2020

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Anton Kolesnikov January 19, 2021 12:43 pm

It doesn’t work, don’t download it. Developer ignores

Valeri Chikalovets January 19, 2021 12:39 pm

Great indicator, I really liked it. Many thanks to the author.

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