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Adament Levels Logic B


First of all, I would like to thank you all for the huge success of “Adamant Levels Logic A”

For more information about Logic A, please refer to the link below:

After its success, I am quite confident that this indicator “Adamant Levels Logic B” will also play an important role in your successful trading activity.

Introduction to Adamant Levels:

Disclaimer of liability: if you are looking for an unusual, bright and eye-catching indicator, please stay away.

No trader can become a good trader without taking into account the levels at which the price can hold, bounce or break through.

These levels help traders enter the markets at a lower price. These can be Support resistance, demand, supply, pivot point, Fibonacci levels, etc.

After several years of research and analysis of price charts, I discovered several complex algorithms and logics to figure out the likely price behavior in the future.

By applying this logic and algorithms to certain price points, I have reached the levels where the price can bounce or break.

I called them “Adamant Levels”.

Yes, they are indeed inflexible and static by nature.

The price attracts and repels these levels.

These are the future levels of price action at which traders can enter the market with a high risk-to-profit ratio.

Most trigger points, such as price patterns, chart patterns, convergence and divergence, trend line breakdown, etc., occur at these “unyielding levels”.

So wait for the trigger to trigger at these levels and enter.

Pay special attention to the merging of different levels of Adamant.

Pay special attention to how the price will reach the Adamant Levels and Over Sold, Over Bought regions of the RSI at the same time, and then the price patterns.

These are mandatory levels on every chart you trade.

This indicator is developed based on my second logic, i.e. “Logic B”.

[spoiler title=”

Logic A and Logic B are completely different levels.

Input parameters:

The input parameters range from a symbol (currency pair) to a symbol.

The default settings work for most pairs.

If the trader wants to have more levels, he can include secondary levels and low timeframe levels.

I hope that your investments in this indicator can help you achieve your bright trading goals.


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