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AdaptiveChannel is an elastic real cost station that reflects most of this current marketplace situation: consolidation, trend, support/immunity levels, and reversal zones.

Each line of the index includes information about past events, taking into account the current realities in the market.

The central lines of the station are a kind of support/resistance levels or a price reversal area.

The outside lines of the station act as a strong resistance for the price. Reaching them, it tends again to the center of the channel, thereby forming signals for sale or purchase.

it is such a powerful and simple trading tool that it is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders, as it reflects the current market situation.

  • SlowFactorPrice – price change coefficient for a slow channel
  • FastFactorPrice – price change coefficient for the fast channel
  • Distance – distance to the outer limits of the main channel for signal correction
  • FiboLevel-additional fibo level
  • ShowStatistic-display the indicator settings and signal statistics in the main terminal window
  • Use Sound Signal-enable / disable sound notification when a signal appears
  • Sound File – the sound file is

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