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Adaptive EA for MT5


It is a trainable trading advisor that you can adapt to trade on any symbol. The robot is suitable for trading any currency pairs, metals, oil or cryptocurrencies. To learn, just run the robot in the tester. At the first pass of the tester, the neural network is trained performing random transactions. During the second pass, you can see the trading results using your trained neural network. Before using the advisor, you can watch the tutorial video.


  • Lots size – size for orders;
  • Lots risk – size for orders as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Take profit – take profit size in pips;
  • Stop loss – stop loss size in pips;
  • Trailing stops – size of the trailing stop in pips;
  • Max spread – maximum spread;
  • Process adaptation on history bars – the number of bars participating in the training sample;
  • Magic number – orders magic number;
  • Show info panel – shows informational dashboard;
  • Adaptation Folder – directory for trained neural networks;

EA signal

EA signal

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