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Adaptive Moving Average


Adaptive Kaufman Moving Average (AMA).

There is no Meta Trader 4 in the standard indicators, in addition, 7 price calculation mode (Open Close)/2 has been added, in addition to 6 standard ones. Added a selection of the moving average smoothing method used in calculating the performance rating (ER). Filter the trend to choose from: in points or by “deviation”. Added the ability to shift the indicator to the left/right. You can also select the direction arrow symbol.

  • PeriodAMA – total calculation period;
  • PriceType – the price used;
  • Fastest – fast period;
  • Slowest – slowest period;
  • DSmT-coefficient;
  • dAMA-coefficient;
  • PointsTrendDetection – mode for determining the direction change;
  • Displace-left/right offset;
  • DistancePointsFromAMA – distance from the straight line for the channel;
  • CheckOpenOtherSide-checking the opening on the other side of the channel;
  • CalcDistanceOnClosedBar-calculation of the distance for closed bars;
  • AlertTextEnabled-enabling a text alert;
  • AlertSoundEnabled-enabling an audio alert;
  • PushMessageEnable-enable sending notifications;
  • AlertSoundFile – name of the sound file for the alert;
  • ShowUpDnPoints(true) or UpDnDistance(false) – select the display mode: rise / fall or channel;
  • HideUpDnPoints-disable the display of growth/fall;
  • HideCrossPoints-disable the display of intersection points with the channel;
  • iArrowUp – code of the growth symbol;
  • iArrowDn-code of the drop symbol;
  • iArrowCross – code of the channel intersection symbol;
  • Method – the ER smoothing method.
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