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Adaptive Trend Lines


This indicator shows the TLH and TLL and some trendlines that allow us to estimate the trend of market. 

It also shows the values of the angles of the lines in percentage in points (pip), the standard deviation, and the trend of each line, and when it breaks the lines of support and resistance (TLH and TLL).

And finally, it also shows the points identified as supports and resistances through the fractal algorithm in the graph.

The high and low trend lines are supported by the highs and lows, through fractals, but they will not always use only the highest and lowest points, because in addition to seeking to be supported by the maximum and minimum points, the algorithm implemented here draws lines of coherent trends (as parallel as possible) to the median line that expresses the main trendline of the period’s prices, and which is shown in the graph as a central dashed line.

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