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Advanced Fibo Average Levels MT5


The indicator calculates and builds Fibonacci levels averaged over a given period and “timeframe”.

  • PartsShow – the number of displayed historical levels from the current bar
  • CalcPeriod – the price averaging period
  • SmoothingMethod-price averaging method (26 variants)
  • TF – the timeframe used for calculating
  • LevelColor – the color of the level lines
  • ZeroLevelColor – the color of the zero level
  • ShowVerticalLine-enabling / disabling the display of a vertical line between levels
  • VLineStyle – vertical line style
  • VLineColor – the color of the vertical line
  • ShowInfo-enabling the display of information about the level percentage value in the form of labels, otherwise in the form of a description of objects
  • InfoFontSize – the font size of the information
  • InfoColor – the color of the string information
  • FiboLevels – percentage values of the displayed levels
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