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Advanced MA Crossover Alert System


FX AlgoTrader Advanced Moving Average Crossover Alert System is a highly customizable indicator for MT4 that includes a fully automatic alert system to track the two moving averages defined by the trader.

Automatic display of fast and slow moving averages

Integration with the Pro Package alert system-voice synthesized alerts – the trader is not tied to the screen (Alerts Pro kit is required)

You can use simple, exponential, smoothed, and linearly weighted moving averages.

Price selection for calculation: closing price, opening price, maximum, minimum, average price

Pop-up messages on the chart (customizable)

Notification of a “tangent” intersection or a physical one

Notification by arrows on the chart with the arrow style setting.

Email Notifications

Available Settings:

  • Minimum interval between alerts in seconds (Minimum_Alert_Interval)
  • Maximum number of alerts (Max_No_Alerts)
  • Resetting the Alert Counter (Alert_Reset_Time)
  • Automatic reset of the notification counter when a new bar is formed (Auto_Reset_On_New_Bar)

  • Use in conjunction with Alerts Pro-Alerts Pro is a synthetic alerts module from FX AlgoTrader that generates synthesized voice alerts (available separately)
  • Fast Period Moving Average – the period of the fast moving average
  • Slow Period Moving Average – the period of the slow moving average
  • Moving Average Calculation Method – method for calculating moving averages. Options: simple, exponential, smoothed, and weighted
  • Applied Price – the price used for the calculation. Options: closing price, opening price, high, low, average, typical, weighted
  • Shift value for Moving Averages-shift of the moving average on the x-axis (horizontally) by the specified number of periods (candlesticks)
  • Alert when Crossover is Printed – if = true, the system will create alerts only for the actually generated moving average, i.e. for the drawn one. If = false, an alert will be created for the temporary intersection as well.
  • Use MT4 Pop Up Alerts – if = true, a pop-up message will be displayed using the standard MT4 window with an audio notification.
  • Use Email Alerts-send an email notification in accordance with the MT4 settings.
  • Minimum Interval between Alerts – minimum time interval between alerts
  • Max number of Alerts – the maximum number of alerts in the window
  • Reset Alert Counter after x minutes-resets the alert counter after the specified number of minutes
  • Reset Alert Counter on new candle – if = ‘true’, the counter will be reset when a new candle is received
  • Arrow code for Cross Up Signals – arrow code for Cross Up Signals
  • Arrow code for Cross Down signals – arrow code for Cross Down signals
  • System information Alerts – if = true, information notifications are prohibited.

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  • Copy the ex4 file to the Indicators folder in MetaTrader 4
  • Open the navigator (Ctrl N)
  • Right-click on any indicator in the Navigator and select “Update” from the drop-down menu.
  • The Advanced MA Crossover indicator will appear in the Navigator.
  • Now drag the indicator to the chart.


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