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Advanced Price Movement Predictor Master Edition 4


The indicator predicts the most likely short-term price movement based on complex mathematical calculations.

  • Estimation of the current price movement;
  • Calculating the current trend;
  • Calculation of the most important support and resistance lines;
  • The algorithms are optimized for performing complex mathematical calculations with minimal consumption of system resources.;
  • Self-adaptation to get the best result and, as a result, the ability to work on any symbol (even the most exotic) and timeframe;
  • Compatible with any MetaTrader platform regardless of the number of digits in the quotes and other parameters;
  • Compatible with any other tool (indicator, Expert Advisor or script) without compromising the performance of the terminal and slowing down the speed of trading operations.
Note: to get values of different timeframes and alerts about “bottlenecks”, use the PRO version.

Most of the standard indicators commonly used in trading strategies are based on fairly simple calculations. This does not mean that at the time of their creation there were no outstanding mathematicians in the world (in fact, there were probably more of them then than now). It’s just that in those days there were no computers or their power was not enough to consistently perform complex mathematical operations. These days, any smartphone is far superior to the capabilities of a computer that was considered the most powerful a few decades ago. Thus, the processing of a large amount of information in our time is not a significant limitation, except for the most complex modeling processes.

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The Advanced Price Movement Predictor (APMP) uses state-of-the-art computing power to analyze price fluctuations using advanced mathematical, statistical, and probabilistic methods.

APMP does not make forecasts independently, since the price movement is a non-stationary, random process and, therefore, cannot be predicted. However, it provides a dynamic and very reliable estimate of the current price movement.

Using the above calculations, APMP shows the real current trend. What does a real trend mean? And what’s wrong with the other indicators? Don’t they show the real trend? We are used to determining the current trend using classic indicators such as moving averages, Bollinger bands, or Parabolic SAR, or simply drawing a line (or two parallel lines) between two or more extremes.

Of course, these traditional indicators and drawing methods are still relevant and popular among traders, but can they bring a stable profit? Unlike abstract methods, we are endowed with intuition. This indicator will allow you to improve or correct your trading system, or completely abandon it, because, as you will see for yourself, even the most chaotic behavior, which includes price movement, is subject to large numbers and is limited by mathematical laws.

Basically, APMP is used in the same way as normal trend lines, as well as support and resistance lines. The fundamental difference is in the reliability and stability of the values calculated by the indicator.

A typical use of APMP looks like this:

When trading on a trend, traders buy near the support line in an uptrend and sell near the resistance line in a downtrend.

In a correction-based trading strategy (countertrend trading), traders buy near the support line in a downtrend and sell near the resistance line in an uptrend.

Note that significant levels can play the role of both a support level and a resistance level. It is necessary to keep this in mind when developing your trading strategy and pay special attention to the behavior of the price when it approaches this level.

The stop loss can be located at a distance from the opening price equal to the distance between the support and resistance levels, while the take profit can be set twice as far away. It would also be wise to use a trailing stop to move a stop loss when the movement of support and resistance levels favors your position.

The strategy outlined above is just a framework. However, APMP provides enough information to develop a variety of trading strategies and improve existing ones.

It would be interesting to hear about the various strategies created based on this indicator.

APMP displays the following information:

  • The support and resistance levels closest to the market price for the current timeframe.
  • The real trend and the most likely short-term movement on the current timeframe.
  • Alerts when the price crosses any important levels.

Users can also enable the dialog box and email alerts. Alerts of the APMP indicator, as well as the MetaTrader terminal itself, are accompanied by audible signals. In addition, all alerts are saved in the “Experts” tab for further analysis.

We are a small team of developers / traders who provide professional services for the development of applications in the field of trading, mainly for the MetaTrader platform. Our team members have an average of 7 years of trading experience, and about 6 years of programming experience for MetaTrader. We develop scripts, indicators and trading advisors for many clients from all over the world, as well as for our own needs, as was the case with the Advanced Price Movement Predictor (APMP) indicator.


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