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Innovative Scalper is caused by more than 15 decades of market research and specialist Advisor programming. the specialist Advisor uses advanced exit algorithms and contains built-in dispersed filters and slippage control algorithms. flexible customization according to client needs, wide customization choices. obviously, there are also recommended settings which may be seen on the comments page.

The fundamental logic of the specialist Advisor has been successfully working on actual accounts for more than two years. These results are also printed on the comments page.

theoretically , the expert Advisor can be utilized in almost any market with a low spread and good liquidity. However, I recommend the following currency pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and XAUUSD.

There are two ways to use this expert Advisor (at the moment):

  • Fully automatic trading with the calculation of inputs based on the high/low breakdown system. This mode can be used on any timeframe, but for greater security, it is recommended to use H1 or H4.
  • As a tool for manual trading strategies, where the trader can use entry points, or in combination with other expert advisors to determine entry points, while Advanced Scalper will use advanced exit algorithms for such trades.

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In the future, new entry and/or exit strategies may be added to the expert Advisor, but only if they pass my strict quality control.

Current settings files and user guide: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/strueli/blog


  • Strict use of stop loss for each trade
  • Advanced stop loss management
  • Spread filter to protect against trading in bad market conditions
  • Algorithm for controlling slippage, which allows you to avoid large losses in case of strong slippage
  • Fully automatic mode with configurable inputs
  • The exit strategy can be used for manual trading or in trades opened by other experts
  • It is well tested on history with high simulation quality, with real floating spread, Commission and random slippage, with a quality of 99 ticks%
  • Proven results of real trading on accounts with a large balance at several brokers.

It is recommended to use the expert Advisor with brokers with low spread, low Commission and fast execution. It is best to choose a broker with STOPLEVEL=0 (=minimum distance to set a stop loss).

These conditions are provided by most ECN brokers.


(This is a short version of the description. A full description is available in the instructions at the link)

  • spread/slippage filters-setting spread filters and slippage control
  • time filters-set the trading time, including the time when trading stops on Friday
  • other filters — other settings, including virtual stop loss and display of information on the chart
  • Strategy 1-Trade Entry management-setting parameters for determining trade entries
  • Strategy 2-Manual trade settings-set up the selection of trades for manual trading or track the trades of other expert advisors
  • Trade Exit management-setting exit, stop loss and take profit strategies
  • Lotsize Settings — method for calculating the lot size for strategy 1
  • Trading Hours-setting the activity time of the strategy 1 expert Advisor


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