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ADX Advanced Alerts


Hello Serious Trader,

Your standard MT4 ADX with signal arrows and alerts (pop up, email, push notification, sound) with advanced alert options:

1) When the main ADX line touches and goes above a certain level (e.g., 25)

2) When the DI and –DI lines cross

3) When #1 and #2 conditions occur together. Here, you may also choose whether you want only fresh DI/-DI crosses (more conservative).

Set the ADX Level to a lower number for a more aggressive approach. New feature (not shown in screenshots): true/false to draw the arrows in the opposite direction, for example, low volatility markets and making opposite direction trades. Featuring low-RAM usage and no-lag updates every 250 milliseconds (1/4 second) for top precision. You may choose to have it alert immediately or at close of bar. Only one alert is allowed to occur per bar to avoid multiple unnecessary alerts. You may choose your arrow code designs. It is full of customizable features, such as the toggable “time left for current bar” information on the chart. If you prefer an even more advanced logic, feel free to contact me for a free negotiable quote for my custom MT4 programming services (I am celebrating 11 years of coding).

MtCoding is beginning its store here so check out our other products; we will be posting advanced alerts for all standard MT4 Indicators, among other things such as Expert Advisors and Scripts.

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