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This Expert Advisor draws a channel based on the readings of the ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) indicator, and trades from the boundaries of this channel when the price reverses. A sell transaction is executed when the price touches and bounces from the upper line of the channel, and a buy – from the lower one. At the same time, it can filter trade entries depending on the readings of other indicators.: Stochastic, ATR, and RSI. The channel drawn by this indicator turns out to be a bit like Envelopes or Bollinger, and its lines depend on the market volatility, and the additional dotted lines depend on the DI and-DI readings of the ADX indicator. If necessary, you can disable the drawing of the channel, but at the same time, trading will still occur as if from the borders of the channel. In the Expert Advisor, you can set the trading time, it is recommended to do it at a time when the market is more calm, for example, at night.

  • Lots – lot size (if 0, the lot will be calculated from the percentage of free funds on the account);
  • Percentage of free money – the percentage of free funds to open each new trade (works when Lots=0);
  • IncLotAfterProfit-increase the lot after the profitable closing of the previous trade;
  • DecLotAfterLoss-reduce the lot after the loss-making closing of the previous trade;
  • OrdersComments-comment on transactions;
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread for opening a trade (so that the trade is opened when the spread is low);
  • Magic – a unique identifier (you need to make it different for several working Expert Advisors);
  • StopLoss – the closing price of the order when the loss level is reached;
  • TakeProfit – order closing price when the profitability level is reached;
  • EnableAutoClose-automatic closing of orders with a reverse signal;
  • StopToBreakeven-set the stop loss to breakeven after passing the specified number of points;
  • TrailingStopValue – the value of the trailing stop in points (0 – normal trailing stop off);
  • StopToParabolicStep-parabolic trailing stop (0-disabled);
  • ADXChannelPeriodthe period of the ADX indicator for channel formation.
  • Strengththe strength to form the channel (the greater this parameter, the stronger the channel will depend on the ADX readings);
  • Strength2the strength to form an additional channel, indicated by dotted lines (they depend on the readings of DI and-DI);
  • SignalOf2Lines-open a trade only when two indicator lines intersect at once (if disabled, Strength2 is not used);
  • DrawChannelHistorynumber of bars for drawing ADX channel lines (slows down testing), 0 – do not display the channel.
  • ChannelColor – color of the ADX channel lines;
  • StochasticFilterPeriod-enables filtering of signals by the Stochastic indicator (0 = disabled, greater than 0 – setting the period); 
  • StochasticSlowing-deceleration of the Stochastic indicator;
  • StochasticLevels Stochastic indicator levels (for example, 30 means that the levels will be 30 and 70);
  • PeriodRSI – the period of the RSI indicator (0 – do not use the RSI to filter trades);
  • LevelsRSI – levels of the RSI indicator;
  • AtrPeriod – the period of the ATR indicator;
  • MinAtrLevel – the minimum level of the ATR indicator allowed for trading;
  • MaxAtrLevel maximum allowable level of the ATR indicator;
  • Trading start hour – trading start hour;
  • Trading end hour – trading end hour;
  • CntHoursForVerificationOrder-the number of bars to check whether at least one trade was opened (only for optimization, 0 – do not use, as well as the following 2 parameters);
  • ProfitToLossRatio – the number of gains to losses (for optimization);
  • MaxAllowableLoss the maximum allowable loss in the account currency for a given number of bars (for optimization);
  • ShowInfo – show some information about the Expert Advisor signals.

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