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Aggressive Intraday Scalper


Aggressive intraday scalper is a mechanical trading system for intraday scalping, which shows on the chart in
signals for opening and closing orders in the form of arrows. Also, when a signal appears, the system sends the trader an alert to the email address and
push phone. Thus, you do not need to sit near the monitor all day analyzing the market and wait for a signal to appear. All it does is
Aggressive intraday scalper. We have developed this mechanical trading system for those traders who do not yet have their own trading
system and who would like to start trading using the intraday scalping system in the near future. That is, to open several
trades during the trading day. In addition, this trading system displays additional auxiliary information in the form of an
information board. It displays the current trade balance and the profit/loss on the trading instrument in points.

This indicator uses the system for analyzing intraday market fluctuations to determine the volatility of the trading instrument and the direction
price movements. After that, the Aggressive intraday scalper, taking into account the statistical data for the past billing period, determines the
probability of a reversal of the trading instrument. As a result, information is displayed on the screen in the form of an arrow for buying or selling. After
the arrow appears, you must follow the recommendations of the trading system and open an order in the specified direction.

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  • it works on all timeframes.
  • it works on all currency pairs.
  • it can be used as an independent trading system.
  • when a signal appears, the system sends the trader an email and a push notification.

  • spread – Now the indicator in the process of calculating the potential profit/loss takes into account the spread specified in the parameter.
  • trend_period – the period for calculating the trend.
  • filter_period – the period of the false signal filter.
  • bars – how many bars the indicator will be displayed on.
  • inform-display of the information panel in the terminal window.
  • Color – the color of the information panel.
  • email-send alarm notifications to email.
  • push-sending push notifications to your phone.
  • alert-displays the audio signal.
  • sound-plays music when a signal appears.
  • music-select a ringtone for the audio signal.

Also, to analyze the work of the Aggressive intraday scalper indicator, we have written an automatic robot for trading. This robot works on the
signals of the Aggressive intraday scalper indicator and applies several different financial management strategies and several signal

The results of the robot’s work are shown in the video clip at the link.


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