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AIS Advanced Grade Feasibility MT5


The AIS Advanced Grade Feasibility indicator is designed to predict the levels that the price may reach in the future. His work is reduced to analyzing the last three bars, and building a forecast on this basis. The indicator can be used on any timeframe and any currency pair. You can use the settings to achieve the desired quality of the forecast.

  • Depth of forecast-sets the desired forecast depth in bars. This parameter is recommended to be selected within the range of 18-31.

You can go beyond these boundaries. But in this case, it is possible to either “stick together” the forecast levels (with values less than 18), or excessive breadth of the levels (with values greater than 31).

  • Confidence level 1, Confidence level 2, and Confidence level 3 are the confidence levels of the forecast. They are set within 1-99. Confidence level 1 should be larger than Confidence level 2, and Confidence level 3 should be the smallest of all.

Each of these levels shows the percentage of probability that the price will reach this value for the number of bars determined by the Depth of forecast parameter.

  • Color lvl high and Color lvl low-allow you to select line colors
  • Style lvl – allows you to choose the style of the lines corresponding to the levels
  • Width lvl-sets the width of the lines corresponding to the levels
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