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AIS Channel Price MT5


Very often, the trader is faced with the task of determining within what limits the price may change in the near future. For this purpose, you can
use a Johnson distribution of type SB. The main advantage of this distribution is that it can be
use it even with a small amount of accumulated data. The empirical approach used in determining the parameters
this distribution allows you to accurately determine the maximum and minimum levels of the price channel.
These values can be used in different situations. For example, you can use them to set stop loss and take profit levels for
market orders, or entry points for pending orders. Also, these levels can be guided when using
trailing stop. In addition, with a sufficiently large background, the indicator can signal the beginning of an upward or downward trend.
a downtrend. Well, or about its end, if there was such a trend.
The main disadvantages of this indicator are its extremely high sensitivity to price outliers, as well as a somewhat delayed reaction to
changes in the market environment.
The blue and red lines show the maximum and minimum values of the price channel, respectively. The green line shows
the equilibrium value of the price in a given market situation. 

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The indicator operation is configured using the LB parameter. This parameter determines the number of bars,
which will be used in the calculations, and its acceptable value is in the range of 2-64.


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