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Top 10 Forex Expert Advisors in the last decade

Top 10 Forex Expert Advisors in the last decade

August 24, 2021

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#3 Proven Forex Trading Methods That Work

June 23, 2021

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Top 5 trading robots for profit on forex in 2021

Top 5 trading robots for profit on forex in 2021

May 27, 2021

Foreign exchange trading is one method to make big as well as steady earnings in a reasonably brief

The AIS Correct Averages indicator allows you to set the beginning of a trend movement in the market. Another important quality of the indicator is a clear signal about the end of the trend. The indicator is not redrawn or recalculated.

  • h_AE ‚Äď upper limit of the AE channel
  • l_AE ‚Äď lower limit of the AE channel
  • h_EC ‚Äď predicted High value for the current bar
  • l_EC ‚Äď predicted Low value for the current bar

The main signal is the intersection of the AE and EC channels.

An uptrend can start when the l_EC line is above the h_AE line.

The beginning of the downtrend can be expected after the h_EC line falls below the l_AE line.

In this case, pay attention to the width of the channel between the lines h_AE and l_AE. The greater the difference between them, the stronger the trend will be expressed. You should also pay attention to the achievement of local highs/lows by the AE channel. At this time, the trend of price changes become the strongest.

The indicator is configured by selecting the LRH parameter depending on the timeframe. The range of acceptable values for this parameter is from 1 to 350.

The lower this parameter, the more sensitive the indicator is and the possible increase in false signals. On the other hand, do not set this parameter too high, as the indicator will become less sensitive and will skip signals.

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27 December 2016


Trading strategy

Trading strategy

Trading strategy

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