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AIS Probable High Low MT5


This indicator allows you to determine the probability that the price will reach a certain level. Its algorithm is quite simple and
It is based on the use of statistical data on the price levels of a particular currency pair. Thanks to the collected historical data
this data can determine the range within which the price will change during the current bar.
Despite its simplicity, this indicator can provide invaluable help in trading. So, you can use it to determine the levels of TakeProfit andStopLoss for
trading positions. It can help both in determining prices for pending orders, and in determining price levels for 


In addition, this indicator can be integrated into existing strategies. For example, you use an intraday strategy.
Then, by setting this indicator on the time frame 

D1, you will be able to get levels, after overcoming which it is no longer desirable to open new trading positions.

The main drawback of this indicator is that it relies solely on historical data and does not react in any way to certain relevant data.
market changes. 
This indicator is configured by selecting the input parameters-L1 …L4-each of the
which determines the probability of reaching a particular price point from the opening price of each bar. The value of each parameter must be
lie within the range of 99…0, and each of the following parameters must be strictly less than the previous one.

[spoiler title=”

The ideological mastermind for the creation of this indicator is Nikolai Nikolaevich, if you liked the indicator, then write a couple of warm ones
words, and I’ll tell him.


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