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alarm clock
when buying an EA alarm clock, pay attention to the following risks:
1) past results do not guarantee future profitability (EA may also cause damage).
2) an unexpected message or flash will touch the loss reduction line.The loss reduction strategy will always apply, but the implementation of the price reduction will depend on your broker.
3) an overnight sale depends on a good brokerage environment, such as a low interest rate and a slip point, which can be even worse for large trades.
analog panel signal:
string: 7 straight and 21 cross currencies, use gold and silver carefully.
time range: M15
maximum loss on 16-year retrospective testing: $ 0.01
The EA must run continuously on the VPS (also on Friday nights) to store historical data.
Since EA will trade in New York on weekends (18: 00-21: 00 New York time), daylight saving time GMT is different from winter GMT.However, during the summer holidays, SEEA did not require manual adjustment of working hours.

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when using an EA alarm clock, please refer to the following recommendations:
1 the minimum contribution amount is $ 100.
2) VPS latency with the server is less than 500ms.
3) Brokers use low transaction costs, ECN accounts.
4) if there are important events such as elections in the US, UK and Europe, EA will be closed!
Contacts = ” – – – QQ: 2463707080223 -”
Starthor = 21; / start time
Endhor = 1; / number of hours
Tp spot = 500; / / tp spot
Sl spot = 500; / sl spot
Tpmoney = 10; / activity ceases to profit
FixLots = 1; / fixed lots
Complex = ” – – – – – – compound interest – -“;
ControlRisk = true; / combination switch
LostRisk = 1; / risk ratio


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