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Avalanche is a new Ethereum competitor or scam

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Dividend calendar - a tool for a long-term investor

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Dividends - payments to investors from the profits of the company by decision of the meeting of

This is a 30-day trial version of the full-featured, full-function paid version of Algo Profit Booster Tool for MetaTrader 5
platform. There is no usage restriction during the trial period. It can even be applied to realtime charts. Registration is required.

In this release there are major upgrades and modifications over the previous release. The following lists summarizes the release notes,

It includes 2 robust expert advisors with source code (except for the indicator). Both EAs come with detailed general optimization
guide as well as specific optimization guide for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY 1-hour bars. Users can use these EAs on any currency pair and
timeframe of their choice. These EAs can be used as any other EA, as well as with booster library tool.

Along with the original semi-automatic MQL generator, a new, fully automatic additional MQL code generator is also included in the
companion package. All user has to do is copy-paste the target EA source code and click “generate” and it will create all 3 booster EAs.
Refer to the User Guide for more details.

Internal genetic optimization of the booster Analyzer EA has been replaced with “Swarm Intelligence”. It has been observed to produce better
global optimum with far fewer iterations.


More sophisticated learning algorithm – produces better intelligence compared to previous release.

The purpose of the Algo Profit Booster library tool is to try to boost the profit-performance of any Expert Advisor that has at least one
optimizable input variable. It applies equally well to Expert Advisors that are highly profitable on out-of-sample data, as well as ones
that perform poorly. Both developers and users of Expert Advisors alike might benefit from this tool.

Typical algorithmic trading involves a set of input variable values, often pre-optimized, that remain static during trading in real-time even
when underlying market characteristics may be changing. This tool introduces a paradigm shift. It works by dynamically adapting and
changing the input variable values, while trading in real time, using an intelligence knowledge base “learned” earlier. No more trading
with fixed input variable values.

This is a multi-part software package of which only the MQL library element is included in this product. The rest of the package is free and must
be downloaded from A complete User Guide is included in the download package.

User doesn’t need to write any MQL code to use the APIs provided by this library. All the necessary code is generated by an MQL code generator
utility included in the download package.

This is a versatile tool that can be applied to any trading algo (a.k.a Expert Advisor or Robot) with a strong potential for boosting trading
performance in one or more of the following aspects:

  • Higher net profit

  • Lower drawdown

  • Reduced drawdown period

  • Higher per trade profit

  • Reduced number of trades (in some cases), reducing commission and slippage

Higher net profit

Lower drawdown

Reduced drawdown period

Higher per trade profit

Reduced number of trades (in some cases), reducing commission and slippage

To achieve its objective, the expert advisor code is augmented with additional code to analyze and capture essential intelligence during
analysis and learning phases.

Note: The downloaded file may be found in MQL5/Experts/Market folder or MQL5/Scripts folder. It must be manually moved to the
MQL5/Libraries folder and renamed to APB_EA_Booster_DEMO.ex5.

The following results are from actual tests after applying the booster tool with the included Expert Advisor on EURUSD, H1 bar.

The base EA equity curve is in BLACK color and the booster EA equity curve is in RED color. Following are the test setup,

Base Expert: Included Expert Advisor 3 and Expert Advisor 4

Symbol: EURUSD, H1 bar, Spread=(from data), Fixed Lot Size=1

Money management: Stop-loss and Take-profit

In-sample dates: start-date=2018.01.01, end-date=2019.06.30

Out-of-sample dates: start-date=2019.07.01, end-date=2020.02.29

DISCLAIMER: Currency trading involves significant risk. Please read the full disclaimer at the end of the User Guide.

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23 August 2018

27 April 2020




Trading strategy

Trading strategy


Trading functions


Trading functions


Trading functions

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