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Alps Multi timeframes trend and momentum indicator


ALPS is a multi-time frame trend and momentum indicator that allows your profits to grow.

The indicator combines Gator Oscillator, ADX and RSI on several timeframes.

You can trade confidently on a short timeframe, while tracking the trend and momentum on a larger one.

You can enable/disable any timeframe at any time, so as not to clutter the chart with unnecessary data.

Bars of different colors indicate a slow, medium, or strong trend based on ADX.

On the momentum line, overbought and oversold states are marked based on the RSI.

The indicator makes it easy to detect flat or slow trends.

The indicator also allows you to better use the screen space for trading a large number of currency pairs per unit of time.

    Price Type (PRICE_CLOSE)
  • TF1
    First timeframe (PERIOD_M1)
    Minimum timeframe
  • TF2
    Second timeframe (PERIOD_M2)
  • TF3
    Third timeframe (PERIOD_M5)
  • TF4
    Fourth timeframe (PERIOD_M15)
  • GatorJawPeriod
    Alligator Jaw Period (13)
  • GatorTeethPeriod
    Alligator Teeth Period (8)
  • GatorLipsPeriod
    Alligator Lip Period (5)
  • GatorMode
    Alligator Method (MODE_SMMA)
  • AdxPeriod
    ADX period (14)
  • AdxLow
    Weak trend level ADX (25)
  • AdxHigh
    Strong trend level ADX (50)
  • RsiPeriod
    RSI Period (13)
  • RsiLow
    The oversold level of the RSI (33)
  • RsiHigh
    The overbought level of the RSI (66)

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The displayed value of pips is the difference between the maximum and minimum prices of the current chart.


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