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A fully automatic open system for finding and exploiting global vulnerabilities in the market.

This is a multi-currency trading system for working on EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY.

Each trade is protected by fixed stop loss and take profit levels.

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The minimum deposit is $100 for a leverage of 1:500. The default settings are for ICMarkets MT5 LIVE EURUSD H1.

It is recommended to look for brokers with a minimum or zero spread, VPS with a ping of up to 5 ms.

The system has built-in protection:

  • Protection against broker slippage
  • Protection against wide spreads
  • Protection from gaps
  • Protection against repeated levels

The system does not trade at night. The main currency pair is EURUSD H1.

Opens only one transaction per currency pair.

If desired, you can enable virtual stop loss and trailing stop. You can also enable a grid with a fixed stop loss and additionally use averaging.

You can enable the news filter. The system independently analyzes your broker and adapts to slippage and delays.

The system does not use indicators and built-in mechanisms for averaging historical quotes. Optionally, you can include only buy transactions or only sell transactions.

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This is an open system, every setting affects trading. You can specify your own settings for other currency pairs.

To use the news filter, add the URL to the terminal settings.


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