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Mql4 version is available hereIn my opinion, a good expert should have these characteristics so as not to jeopardize your capital :

✔️    Do not use dangerous methods such as grid martingle, etc.
✔️    All position have a take profit and stop loss limit
✔️    Have a proper back test
✔️    Do not depend on a broker
✔️    Do not use deceptive methods
✔️    Have a low drawdown value.

If you agree with me, this expert is great for you

Expert working method based on a type of machine learning and price analysis created by ourselves and filtered using the main indicators of the standard macd , rvi , rsi and candle-stick patterns, makes price predictions and hunts them

  • takeProfit : take profit in pips
  • stopLoss : stoploss in pips
  • trailingstop : trailig stop if you want stop just use 0
  • trailingstart : traling start after price goes more than this amount
  • trailingstep : trailing step
  • lots : fix lot volume
  • AutoMoneyManagement : enable / disable auto money management
  • PercentToRisk : use this percent of risk if auto management is enable
  • MacdFema :  Macd Fast Ema
  • MacdSema : Macd Slow Ema
  • MacdSma :  Macd Sma
  • RVIPeriod :  Rvi Period
  • RsiPeriod : Rsi Period
  • maxSpreadr: maximum spread expert allows to open a position
  • maxTotalOpenTrade : maximum total position that expert can open
  • startHour : start hour put 0 if you want disabled
  • stopHour : stop hour put 0 if you want to disabled
  • slippage : slippage value


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