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Arbitrage Visualiser Pro MT5


We present to your attention a convenient software solution for arbitration between brokers.

Arbitration in the market has become widespread due to decentralization. There are many liquidity providers whose quotes differ for various reasons. By tracking the dynamics of changes in the quotes of different brokers, you can determine the lagging and leading brokers, thereby predicting, for a short time, the future prices of the lagging broker. Knowing these prices, and using effective built-in software filters, you can conduct arbitrage trading operations.

The main advantage of our shopping complex is to use only the standard tools of the MQL5 language, so there is no need to install additional programs on your computer. It is enough to install the Expert Advisor on different terminals of different brokers, specify the mode of operation: trading mode or subordinate, configure intuitive parameters in a convenient panel and start analyzing and trading.

The system has a number of nice bonuses:

  • A convenient user panel that displays all the settings.
  • “Hot” change of settings, without restarting the Expert Advisor. The panel remembers the settings for each character and loads them on restart.
  • The ability to arbitrage between all available instruments, including FOREX, CFDs, Commodities, Stocks, Futures, etc.
  • Connect up to five brokers simultaneously in one Master Panel, with automatic signal sorting and trading on the best of them (aggregated feed).
  • The ability to trade limit orders without slippage, both in the normal Bid-Ask mode, and inside the spread, on accounts with zero stop levels.
  • Control of the hang-up of the servers of subordinate brokers, thanks to this protection against false transactions when the quotes lag due to the hang-up.
  • Accounting for the delay time of quotes in milliseconds and the ability to set the minimum threshold below which transactions will not be opened.
  • The highest speed of the system, calculations are performed in less than one millisecond.
  • The ability to connect any quotation providers Tier1, 2,3.

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You can perform these operations for different symbols of different brokers, without any restrictions.

You can perform these operations for different symbols of different brokers, without any restrictions.

At the first launch, it is recommended to disable the trading option and wait for the robot to accumulate statistics in the Max, Min, and Delay fields. This should be done in the most volatile market possible, then the biggest deviations will be clear.

After some time, you will be able to decide on the broker andthe “ Open criteria” for both buy and sell orders.

Taking into account the slippage, commission, high ping and other factors that affect the speed and quality of execution of trading orders, it is recommended to set the values in the “Open criteria” Max and Min fields at least 3x of the spread, so that the signal covers the spread and commission. The Delay parameter is recommended to be set at least 2 times higher than the ping to your broker’s server. It should also be noted that some types of accounts have slow execution, and they may not be suitable for arbitration.

After the purchase, you can consult with the developer on all your questions. 


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