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This indicator is the heart of the “ARGO” strategy. He gives recommendations
at the entrance to the market, it shows the divergence and the rate of formation of short-term (hexagram)
and long-term trends (colored line). All the main signals (classical and
reverse divergence, buy, sell, entry into the overbought-oversold zone) are
accompanied by voice messages.

The indicator itself does not require configuration in
depending on the currency or time interval. Can be used
for almost any type of trading (pipsing, intraday, short-term, long-
term). Comparative analysis with such sensational indicators as “THV4
Trix V1.0” and “TDI-2”
showed that it is not inferior to them in
functionality (THV4 Trix V1.0) and signal accuracy, and in some cases even surpasses them
their (less false and earlier 1-2 candles signals).

Work on this indicator (strategy) for 4
years (there is a version for MetaTrader 4) has proven its
effectiveness and profitability in various markets.

For the convenience of analyzing the market situation (on the screen more
one indicator) draws the line of the expected moment of entry into the transaction on
another candle being formed. But the voice alert will sound only if after her
the closing market situation has not changed. This allows additional analysis to be carried out even before the moment of
the transaction
itself and, possibly, influence the final decision. Of course, it is not
a Grail (like any other indicator) and requires additional
knowledge in stock trading, but it can become the basis of any strategy.

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All settings are reduced to improving the user’s convenience in
his tactics and trading style. The methodology of working with the indicator and the strategy itself
this is a separate topic for the article and goes beyond the “Market”, so I will focus
only on their description.

  • TempFastShift – changes the scale of the hexagram (convenient when making short trades).
  • FType_ Trade_style – depending on the trading style
    (aggressive, moderate, conservative) changes the recommendations for entering the market.
  • SoundON – enabling/disabling the buy-sell sound signal.
  • AlertON – enable/disable alerts (if SoundON=false).
  • EmailON – enables/disables sending a message to an Email.
  • Alerts_on_OB_OS – enabling/disabling the sound signal overbought-oversold.
  • DivergenceSoundON – enabling/disabling the divergence sound signal.
  • DivergenceAlertON – enable/disable divergence alerts (if DivergenceSoundON=false).
  • Divergence – enables/disables everything related to
  • drawIndicatorTrendLines – enables/disables drawing divergence lines in the indicator window.
  • drawPriceTrendLines – enables/disables drawing divergence lines
    in the main window.
  • drawLine – enables/disables drawing the extension lines
    of the last reverse divergence and the lines of the last entry points into the market.
  • DelLine – enables/disables the removal
    of the extension lines of the last reverse divergence from the screen when the timeframe changes.
  • ColorLINE – the color of the extension lines of the last
    inverse divergence (with DelLine = false color
    it is individual for each timeframe).
  • Full_Line – enables/disables drawing lines
    all possible entry points into the market. To analyze the operation of the indicator.


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