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The Arrow Buffer Maker indicator is used to convert graphic objects into an indicator buffer. Most Expert Advisors are designed to work with indicator buffers, but there are indicators that simply drawWingdings fontcharacters (arrow, circle, star, and other MT4 symbols) with them. This indicator is designed for such situations.

  • ArrowCodeBuy – the code of the graphical object that is used for Buy transactions.
  • ArrowCodeSell – the code of the graphical object that is used for Sell transactions.
  • DeleteArrows-deletes graphical arrows after converting them to buffer arrows.
  • GetCodes-find out the list of codes of objects located on the graph.
  • SignalBar – the number of the signal candle on which the signal object should appear for the notification.
  • UseAlert – sound notification.
  • UseEmail-an email message (additional configuration is required in MT4).
  • UseMobile-push notification to mobile MT4 (additional configuration is required in MT4).
  • SaveArrows-saves trades when the timeframe changes.
  • ID – for the indicator to work correctly, a different ID number is required for the same currency pairs. For example, if the indicator is set to EURUSD M5 and EURUSD M30, then each chart must have its own ID.

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