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A utility for automatically scaling the chart and setting at least 140 bars in the window. This is necessary for the correct wave analysis in accordance with Bill Williams ‘strategy” Trading Chaos”. The utility can be used on any of the timeframes presented in Meta Trader 5.

A vertical line is drawn through the first bar from which the calculation was started. This line allows you to see the expected start point of the wave sequence with the desired number of bars displayed on the chart. It also facilitates the wave marking of the graphical history of the instrument on the selected timeframe.

The indicator has the function of automatically selecting the desired timeframe of
the lowest level, taking into account the display on the chart of the required 140-150
bars. To do this, use the rectangle to select the desired area on the
click on the graph and double-click on the rectangle line. The indicator will
automatically select the desired timeframe for wave
analysis. You can return to the main timeframe
by clicking on the corresponding icon in the Meta Trader 5 interface, and
delete objects via “Delete”.

It is recommended to save the indicator in a template with standard Bill Williams indicators included in the package of the Meta Trader 5 program or upgraded analogues presented in the MQL5 Market. Namely:

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