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AutoBreakeven protect your capital


Rule number one in market trading is to ” safeguard capital.”

Once your trade is becoming profitable, do not let it reverse and also for a result of losses on your account.

The EA mechanically moves the stop loss to the breakeven amount after the profit on the current order reaches the target value as a portion of the account.

consumers can also select whether commission and swap should be taken into account when moving.

If the user manually moves the stop loss to a level where the profit exceeds the breakeven level, the EA does not take any actions.

Basic settings

  • breakevenpercentage– target profit at which the EA moves the stop loss to breakeven (0.01-100%).
  • compensatecommission-take into account the commission when moving to breakeven.
  • compensateswap-take into account the swap when moving to breakeven.

Settings for automatic stop loss movement

  • enableautomove – enable the automatic move function
  • automoveeverypercentage-automatically move the stop loss to capture more profit through the specified percentage value

The utility is well suited for working on a VPN server or for working around the clock in parallel with your manual trading strategy.

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