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Automatic fibonacci with alerts


The Automatic Fibonacci with Alerts indicator automatically displays the Fibonacci retracement levels based on the number of bars specified in the BarsToScan parameter. The levels are updated automatically in real time when new highs and lows appear among the selected bars. In the indicator settings, you can select which values of the levels to be displayed. You can also choose the colors of the levels in the indicator parameters – this allows you to set several indicators on the chart with different settings and colors of the levels. Indicator Parameters:

  • BarsToScan – number of bars to search for levels
  • Level_1 – the first Fibonacci level
  • Level_2 – the second level of the Fibonacci
  • Level_3 – the third Fibonacci level
  • Level_4 – the fourth level of the Fibonacci
  • Level_5 – the fifth level of the Fibonacci
  • Level_6 – the sixth Fibonacci level
  • LevelsColor-Setting the color of the Fibonacci levels
  • AlertAtLevel-notification when the price crosses the specified level
  • OnScreenAlerts – if true, the notification will be displayed as a message on the screen
  • PushAlerts-if true, the indicator will send push notifications to the specified MetaQuotes ID
  • EmailAlerts-if true, the indicator will send notifications by email
  • FiboName – the name of the Fibonacci level. When running multiple instances of the indicator on the chart, use different names.

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To receive push notifications and email alerts, you must specify the MetaQuotes ID and email address on the notifications tab. To receive push notifications, enter your MetaQuotes ID in Tools -> Settings ->> Notifications, and email in Tools ->>> Settings – > > > Email.


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