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August 24, 2021

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The Expert Advisor trades on the signals of the ADX indicator. The classical strategy of determining the trend by the values of PlusDi and MinusDi relative to each other is used when the trend activity is determined by the main line of the indicator. Trading is conducted in the direction of the current trend. 

Signal Monitoring -> > HERE 

Signal Monitoring -> > HERE 

  • Customizable indicator signals
  • It is suitable for all types of instruments and all timeframes
  • If necessary, it uses averaging
  • Plug-in system for overlapping the first order with the last one
  • Virtual TakeProfit
  • It has three types of notifications
  • The ability to automatically calculate trading volumes


The Expert Advisor works on the signals of the ADX indicator

Three indicator lines are used to open positions: main, minus, plus

  • The main line shows the intensity of the trend, that is, the activity with which the price is moving
  • And the other two lines indicate what the current trend is at the moment

  • If the plus line is higher than the minus line, this indicates an upward trend at the current moment
  • If the negative line is higher, it is an indicator of a downward trend

When there is no pronounced difference between the lines, the market is currently located in a flat, that is, there is no pronounced trend


When the value of the main line is higher than the minimum, and it grows up, it means that the current trend in the market is strengthening

  • A buy signal is when the main line is above the minimum value, while it is growing, and the plus line is higher than the minus one
  • A sell signal is when the main line is greater than the minimum value and it is growing. At the same time, the minus line is located above the plus one


The graphical elements of the indicator are not displayed in the Expert Advisor!


Problem Solving -> > HERE

Problem Solving -> > HERE

 MT4 version -> HERE



  • Size of the first order ‚Äď The volume for opening the first order
  • Enable Autolot calculation ‚Äď Use automatic lot calculation.¬†Autolot allows you to save the risk settings when changing the deposit
  • Autolot deposit per 0.01 lots ‚Äď The amount of the deposit for every 0.01 when using the autolot


  • ADX Timeframe¬†‚ÄstTimeframe of the indicator
  • Period ADX¬†‚ÄstThe period for the indicator, the higher the value, the fewer transactions
  • Fast Applied price ADX ‚Äď The used price of the indicator
  • Minimum Value ADX¬†‚ÄstThe minimum value above which the main line must be in order to receive signals


  • Minimum step between average orders¬†‚ÄstThe variable that regulates the step between orders is measured in points¬†
  • Multiplier for average orders ‚Äď Each subsequent order opened by the Expert Advisor in the order grid will be larger than the previous one by this coefficient


  • Size of Virtual TakeProfit (In points)¬†‚ÄstThe size of the virtualTakeProfit. It is calculated for the current group of orders from the breakeven price
  • Use overlap last and first orders ‚Äď Use the overlap of the first order last
  • Use overlap after that number of orders ‚Äď Use the overlap of the first order with the last one after a given number of open orders


  • Maximum slippage in points¬†‚ÄstThe maximum allowable slippage in points for opening and closing orders
  • Maximum spread in points¬†‚ÄstThe maximum allowed spread for opening orders. Measured in points
  • Maximum number of orders¬†‚ÄstThe maximum allowed number of orders of the same type¬†¬†
  • Maximum size of orders¬†‚ÄstThe maximum volume for one order. Measured in lots


  • Orders Magic number ‚Äď MagicNumber of the Adviser‚Äôs orders
  • Comments of the EA‚Äôs orders ‚Äď Comments for the EA‚Äôs orders
  • Allow to open OP_BUY orders ‚Äď Allow the Expert Advisor to open orders of the OP_BUY type
  • Allow to open OP_SELL orders-Allow the Expert Advisor to open orders of the OP_SELL type
  • Allow to open new orders after close-Allow to send new orders after all orders are closed
  • Show panel of advisor¬†‚ÄstAbility to display or hide the Expert Advisor panel
  • Font size in panel-Adjust the font size on the panel


  • Send push notifications when closing orders-Notifications to the mobile version of the terminal, when closing orders
  • Send emails when closing orders-Sending emails to the email address when closing orders
  • Send alerts when closing orders¬†‚ÄstSending pop-up notifications on the terminal, when closing orders

Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

03 August 2021


Trading strategy

Trading strategy

Trading strategy

Trading functions

Trading strategy

Trading strategy

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