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AW Grids Maker is used to build grids from impending orders. the usefulness is universal, has flexible settings and a clear interface panel . The program builds a network of STOP and LIMIT orders with the essential step, uses a multiplier of the position quantity.

Troubleshoot the problem by contacting the author –> https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/741040
  • Uses all kinds of impending orders.
  • Easy and flexible installment.
  • A well-developed and multifunctional utility panel.
  • Thoughtful information module

  • suitable for pyramiding, classical averaging or martingale.
  • Automates grid opening, sequence tracking and final.
  • It can be an integral part of a trading system or an independent strategy.
  • Building networks of orders of all types with adjustable distance and the coefficient of increase in the volume of the transaction.

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  • Size of the first order – the volume of the first order;
  • Order Magic number – the main identifier of the utility’s orders. It is used primarily for identifying orders;
  • Comments of the EA’s orders-comments for orders opened by the utility;
  • Number of pending orders in grids – the number of orders of each type for the grid;
  • Maximum slippage in points – maximum allowed slippage in points for opening and closing orders;
  • Multiplier for size of orders – volume multiplier for pending orders, each subsequent open order in the order grid will be larger than the previous one by this coefficient;
  • Step for grids-variable that regulates the step between orders in the grid, measured in points;
  • Size of Virtual TakeProfit (In Points) – the size of the take profit in points. It is calculated for the current group of orders from the breakeven price;
  • Font size in panels – the size of the font on the panel.
Other developments of the author -> > https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/nechaevrealle/seller


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