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The Batman Expert Advisor is based on a really simple system that uses the ZigZag index and a breakdown strategy. concessions are started only when the real market breakdown occurs. The EA unlocks a maximum of two transactions (1 to purchase and 1 to sell, if one of these is not closed). The Expert Advisor is easy to use, does not require complex settings. simply put it to the graph and it will function like clockwork. The Expert Advisor was developed for testing and trading on the XAUUSD set, but you can test it on other parameters by changing the corresponding parameters to get the necessary results. It is recommended to test the Expert Advisor on the history and on a demo account before launching it on a real account.

The Batman Expert Advisor does not use martingale, hedging, or grid. It always uses a stop loss to protect your money. The Batman Expert Advisor is designed to work on the H1 timeframe, it is best to run on the XAUUSD chart. It is recommended to work with a broker with a lower spread and preferably use a VPS. Leverage: 1: 100 or more. With a micro account, you can start using the Expert Advisor with $ 20 (spread of 16-36). Recommended timeframe: H1

If you need support, help, or have any other questions, write the author a personal message.

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The main parameters. Do not change them if you are not sure of your actions.

  • Risk: 10(%) – maximum risk per trade, 10% of the balance.
  • Breakeven:True – using the breakeven function.
  • Breakevenlevel: 50 – breakeven, (>= Stop Level 10). When the profit reaches 50, the stop loss level will be moved to the opening price. With a higher value, the risk increases, but the possible profit also increases, since in this case it is more difficult to close the stop loss). If the broker’s stop level is 50, the breakeven level should be 50 10=60, but since the brokers ‘ stop level is often zero, the value 50 should be used.
  • Use trailing: True-use the trailing stop function.
  • Trailing stop: 100 – the beginning of the trailing.
  • MaxSpread: 60 – the maximum spread, when the spread is extended more than 60, the Expert Advisor will delete pending orders and will not place new ones.
  • Distance of top/bottom and Order Open Price: 0 (default) for example, 50 is the distance from the top to open an order. For example, the top of the ZigZag Stair indicator is 1190.00, the buy stop order will be placed at 1190.50 and vice versa for the sell stop order.
  • EndHour: 23 – the end of the trade. If the server time is >=23, the EA will stop placing pending orders.
  • Lotvar: 1: – autolot, lot = free capital * risk/stop loss; Lotvar=0, lot = FixLot.
  • FixLot: 0.01-fixed lot = 0.01. Adjust the parameter as you wish.
  • ZigZag: 50-ZigZag indicator (12,5,3). The values are 5-50, the lower, the shorter the period. The EA will open trades more often, but they will be less accurate.


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