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Another breakthrough. Using the legendary BBSO range trading module, the efficient robot, and the speed of MetaTrader 5, this scalper Expert Advisor opens many fast trades based on the strongest BBSO ENTRY point.

The robot will self-optimize in seconds on any pairs and timeframes (write to me to find out the current settings and pairs).

The robot will self-optimize in seconds on any pairs and timeframes (write to me to find out the current settings and pairs).

No special requirements for processing power or speed of your Internet connection. Adapts to the conditions of your broker, just drag it to the chart. It uses the Black box logic (check out my other two products) and the author‘s virtual take profit with a random range of points set by the user.

Contains precise settings for making trades as fast as possible. It uses a built-in money management system.

The recommended lot is 0.01.

For each order, an ATR stop is set.

Due to the expanding take profit, the Expert Advisor can be used on charts of lower timeframes.

This version uses only the main module.

  • Equity Protection: protection of funds in dollars per pair. For example, 1000 means that if the amount of funds falls below 1000, the EA will no longer open trades
  • Max spread: the maximum allowed broker spread
  • TP min/ TP max: generates a random virtual take profit in pips from 2 to 5 pips (recommended value)
  • Main Black Box Module: True/ false, money management 0.01 lots for every 1000, recommended value

  • LotsBBper1000: Fixed lots. Recommended 0.01 lots per 1000 currency units
  • Nb OrderMax: The EA creates steps (for example, max 3-basket of 3 orders) recommended max 1

It is not recommended to use the EA a few days before and after the Fed or ECB meeting.

Enjoy using it!

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25 August 2017


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Markus Goss February 28, 2021 5:54 pm

One must commence declaring some thing here, so I do. BBSO Tachyon is a lot more precise, more quickly and much easier as BBSO MT4 model. That’s why I enjoy it much more. Soon after setting up, it will take a great deal of CPU resources for awhile when used on multipair and\/or multiple timeframes, specially on heavy loaded VPS workarounds because i am making use of. However when it operates, it runs plus it calms down following about 1-2 weeks of buying and selling and ongoing self-improving. As the MT4 variation is more a trader’s toolkit rather than all components was for \”set up

janinp February 28, 2021 5:54 pm

I understood I published within the \”feedback\” portion, but I feel after several several weeks that we am entitled to publish in teh \”evaluation\” portion at the same time. Only a few phrases in my knowledge of Olivier Nomblot’s BBSO EA for MT5. Worth noting that Olivier is able to enable you to begin with his EA.\n\n Also massively important is the fact that Olivier is trading tolerate their own money their own EAs (those you buy). In order to know the way BBSO performs (and you will have to !!!) he then has arrived to help you in the setup as well as the configurations. This will make a huge big difference along with other experience I needed before.\n\n My set up is with ICMarkets ECN MT5 system EURUSD only with various timeframes running on Metatrader VPS. I have to mention it functions great and should you be not greedy, you will get multiple small victories days and in many cases during the night time. It is a fact that very occasionnaly the market can go against your jobs (as it always takes place at some point of your time) and it is better to keep an eye on frequently to help you respond accordingdly (maybe do nothing but at least you might have handle). Anyhow, I am introducing incremental revenue each week and again I continue to be very prudent. This EA makes me feel at ease enough to permit them operate throughout the night if you have significantly less volatility along with great results as far I am concerned.\n\n Great job Olivier and i appreciate you your help! your EA is without a doubt on top of my collection for some time I hope.