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BeST_123 Strategy is clearly based on the 123_Pattern which is a frequent Reversal Chart Pattern of a very
high Success Ratio
.It occurs at the end of trends and swings and
it’s a serious indication of high probability for a change in trend.
an 123_pattern is valid when the price closes beyond the level of #2 local top/bottom, a moment when the indicator draws an Entry
raises an Alert and a corresponding Position can be opened.

The BeST 123_Strategy Indicator is non-repainting and non-backpainting while using it you can get:

  • Definite Entry Signals
  • TP Points based either on Fibonnacci Levels or Risk/Reward Ratios 
  • The usual common SL Levels for the 123_Pattern (the #1 and #3 points of the current
    integrated formation)
  • All the Metatrader Alerts for the Entry Signals
  • Fully customizable colors and sizes of all the chart objects

Basic Settings

  • Maximum Number of LB Bars – LB Period of
    searching for the 123_Pattern
  • Target Levels Mode – for selecting either Fibonacci Target Levels or R/R  Ratio
    Target Levels

Displaying Settings – for
selecting which chart objects and features to show/activate

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Graphical Settings – for selecting
the color, size and distances of drawn objects

Alert Settings – for controlling
the use of Entry MT4 alerts

Zig Zag Settings – for selecting
the parameters of ZZ Indicator that is used for spoting swing Highs and Lows


All Comment Table Infos are Real Time Updated and it
counts Bars in Trade and Open Profit of the current trade but assuming no Target Exits until the next Entry Signal.

Buy Arrow:   Buffer = 24

Sell Arrow:   Buffer = 25


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