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BeST Darvas Boxes MT5


BeST_Darvas Boxes is a Metatrader Indicator based on the trading method developed in the 50’s by the Hungarian
Nicolas Darvas
. BeST_Darvas Boxes indicator

  • draws the Top and the Bottom of every Darvas Box that can be confirmed on the current Chart
  • draws Buy and Sell Arrows for every confirmed Upwards or Downwards Breakout of the above levels
  • draws always only after the bar closing and so is non-repainting or backpainting
  • it can be used as a standalone trading system/method

Basic Settings

  • LB Period  –  LB # of bars for calculating the Darvas Boxes
  • Entries Mode – for selecting how to Enter the Market i.e. in a Single Entry or in a 2_Additional Entries
  • Exits Mode (only for Single_Entry_Mode) – for selecting how to Exit a position.Works only for the Single Entry Mode
    while for the 2 Additional Entries Mode is by default the Reverse Mode
  • Position_1,2 and 3 Lot Size for 2_Additional_Entries_Mode – for the correct calculation of the Average Entry Price
    if we use the 2_ Additional_Entries_Mode

Exit Modes’ Settings

  • TP and SL Levels – for selecting TP and SL pip values if Exiting with a SL/TP
  • MAvgs Parameters – for selecting the parameters of 2 Mov.Averages if Exiting with their crossings

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Displaying Settings – for selecting which chart objects and features to show/activate

Graphical Settings – for selecting the color and size of drawn objects like Vertical Line locating the last Entry Signal and the
corresponding Entry Price Level Horizontal Line and TP/SL Levels

: Color and size of all other’s drawn objects (like Exit MAs,Arrows,…) are controled in the tab Colors

Arrows Settings – for controlling the Arrows use for Entry and Exit Signals

Panel Settings – for controlling the use of the Trade Info Panel

: All Panel Infos are Real Time Updated while the Panel is fully color adjustable and can be moved
anywhere in the chart

Alert Settings – for controlling the use of Entry and Exit alerts

Top of a Box :                               
                                 Buffer = 1

Bottom of a Box :                             
                              Buffer = 2

Buy Arrow :


1st position for the 2_Additional_Entries_Mode)                 Buffer = 3

Sell Arrow :             


1st position for the 2_Additional_Entries_Mode)                 Buffer = 4

Add_Buy_2 Arrow:                               
                           Buffer = 5

Add_Sell_2 Arrow:                               
                           Buffer = 6

Add_Buy_3 Arrow:                               
                           Buffer = 7

Add_Sell_3 Arrow:                               
                           Buffer = 8

                        Buffer = 9

                                  Buffer = 10

                                 Buffer = 11


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