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The indicator is a panel that is located by the user in a convenient place and allows you to identify a candle pattern formed by a combination of three candles, based on the original technology, but based on the idea that it is a single candle. At the same time, a candle called a large one covers three candles on any timeframe. The candle formations that you will be able to see relate to single candle patterns:

  • Yo Sen (bullish);
  • In Sen (In Sen, bearish);
  • Hammer (bullish);
  • Hanged Man (bear);
  • Inverted Hammer (Bullish);
  • Shooting Star (Bearish);
  • Standard doji or doji star;
  • Long-legged doji;
  • Doji-tombstone;
  • Doji-dragonfly.

As well as models:

  • Bearish takeover pattern;
  • Three outer bars down;
  • A curtain of dark clouds;
  • Evening Doji Star;
  • Harami Bear Cross;
  • Three from the inside down;
  • Three black crows;
  • Evening Star;
  • Bullish takeover pattern;
  • Three external bars up;
  • Harami Bull Cross;
  • Three from the inside up;
  • Piercing Candle;
  • Three white soldiers;
  • The morning doji star.

  • corner – The corner of the indicator output chart. Default – top left;
  • ShowStandard – standard analysis. By default – enabled;
  • ShowStandardBig – standard analysis involving a large candle. By default – enabled;
  • ShowBigCandle-analysis only for a large candle. By default – enabled;
  • Bullish_candle – bullish candle. Default – Blue;
  • Bearish_candle – bearish candle. Default – Red;
  • Line_candle – line. By default-Green;
  • Fill color candles-coloring the candle with color. By default – disabled;
  • set_Alert – signal for pattern formation. By default – enabled;
  • set_PlaySound – the sound signal of the pattern formation. By default – disabled;
  • set_PlaySoundWave – name of the sound file of the pattern formation signal. By default – disabled;
  • set_Print– printout of the pattern formation signal. By default – disabled;
  • set_SendNotification – signal of pattern formation to the mobile terminal. By default – disabled;
  • set_SendMail-signal for the formation of a pattern to the mail. By default, it is disabled.

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The peculiarity of the indicator is that it displays candlestick patterns in a standard manner, which is displayed on the line ” 3 bars:”, together with a large candle – ” Big :”, and only on a large candle – “Big:”. In the display panel, we can observe new highs and lows, where their value and the amount of excess in points are indicated. We should always remember that any patterns cannot be a guarantee that the price will not ignore them. The indicator supports the English language as well as the Russian language for displaying pattern names. Demo version of the product:


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