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Big Player EA Eurusd


Big Player EA EURUSD is an EA that generates trading signals with custom strategies.

The EA scans 5 months of history and generates signals and buys or sells on these signals.

At least 5 months of data should be behind when testing the EA.

Also, cross Takeprofit strategies are implemented in the EA.

Single, double, triple and quad TP strategies are applied.

Thanks to the cross Takeprofit strategies, the EA works easily even during high activity times. 


Big Player EA Family

10 Symbol: Big Player EA 10 Symbol 499$


Recommendations and Features

It works on H1 timeframe.

It works with the EURUSD symbol.

I recommend using a VPS. With VPS, regular operation of EA is ensured.

It can work with different EAs in one account. It’s enough that the Magic value is different from other EA’s.

The recommended minimum balance is $1000.


========Magic Setting========

Magic Number= EA’s magic number value.

========Fixed Lot Setting========

Fixed Lot= Fixed lot setting. If this setting is greater than zero, Auto lot is disabled.

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========Auto Lot Setting========

Balance= Balance value to calculate auto lot

Auto Lot= Lot value to calculate auto lot

For example, if Balance is 1500 and Auto lot is 0.01, the lot will automatically increase according to these two values. When your actual balance is 3000, the lot will be 0.02.

========TakeProfit Setting========

Money TP= Takeprofit is calculated in money. It means a profit of $1 for 0.01 lots. As the lot increases, the Money TP automatically increases. It is recommended that you do not change this place.


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