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  • A small deposit is enough to start trading.
  • Perfect for rapid dispersal of this Deposit!!!
  • Suitable for multi-currency trading.
  • Immunity to high latency and also that the magnitude of the spread.
  • It merely works with its orders.

  • After starting the EA on the graph, the EA remembers the opening degree of the initial order.
  • over the opening degree of the first order, the EA puts a network of economy orders.
  • below the opening level of the first order, the EA puts a network of buy orders.
  • If the total profit of buy and sell orders exceeds the value of the Profit parameter, the Expert Advisor
    closes these orders.
  • Then, after complex logical calculations, the Expert Advisor can close the order with the most negative profit.
  • The order with the largest profit on the current currency pair is determined and it is trailed behind the current price.
  • Then the work of the Expert Advisor is repeated.

  • I recommend using multi-currency trading. To do this, run the Expert Advisor on different currency pairs!!!
  • To reduce the drawdown, I recommend increasing the value of Steps = 0.005 orSteps = 0.01.
  • To reduce the drawdown, I recommend reducing the value of Martingale = 1.1 or Martingale =

  • Profit – the value of the total profit of orders for this currency pair for Buy and Sell, if
    after which these orders are closed.
  • Steps – the minimum distance between orders with the same magic number for a given currency pair.
  • Lot – order volume.
  • Martingale-parameter that increases the volume of subsequent orders by Martingale times.
  • Hour_start – hour to start trading. 
  • Hour_finish – the hour when the trade ends.
  • Magic – magic number of orders.
  • Trall – enable / disable the function of the trawl.
  • Trall_level – the level of the maximum order’s trawl.

  • Profit = 10.
  • Step = 0.002.
  • Lot = 0.01.
  • Martingale = 1.2.
  • Hour_start=0.
  • Hour_finish=23.
  • Magic=132435.
  • Trall=true.
  • Trall_level=0.01.

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22 June 2019


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