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BinaryManagerPA is a binary options indicator based on the analysis of PriceAction setups and indicators using complex filters.

The main advantage of this indicator is that it evaluates the current state of the market in advance, based on several expirations. As a result, the indicator displays statistics on the percentage of successful trades (WinRate) on the selected instrument and timeframe. In addition, for each signal, the indicator displays the probability of its success and the recommended expiration.

Before using the indicator, you have the opportunity to choose the optimal currency pair and the timeframe on which the indicator shows the best results in the current state of the market. To do this, just install the indicator on the chart and view the information on the statistics that it outputs.

The indicator analyzes the current state of the market based on the last price from the history, the depth of which is regulated by the setting “Number of candles from history for calc %WinRate”. Statistics are completely recalculated when each new signal appears for three types of expiration, the values of which are regulated by the settings “[1/2/3 case] Number of expiration candles”, while “outdated signals” are no longer taken into account. Thus, the indicator always displays the current data on the probability of success for the next signal.

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The indicator can notify about new signals via PUSH notifications on a mobile phone or tablet, as well as through standard Alert messages with an audible signal in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. To be notified, you need to enable the appropriate notification type in the indicator settings.

  • [1/2/3 case] Number of expiration candles – the number of expiration candles to calculate the result and probability for each indicator signal;
  • Number of candles from history for calc %WinRate – the number of candles from history for which the analysis and calculation of results is carried out;
  • Signal_1 ( based on PA) – enable / disable signal detection based on PriceAction;
  • Confirm Signal_1-enable / disable the signal confirmation check Signal_1;
  • Signal_2 ( based on Indicators) – enable / disable detection of signals based on indicators;
  • Confirm Signal_2-enable / disable the signal confirmation check Signal_2;
  • Interval of display arrow near signal-the interval of offset of the CALL/PUT arrow from the candle, when the signal appears;
  • Offset for text near arrow-the offset interval of the PUT text % probability from the candle (related to the previous parameter);
  • Signal alert-enables / disables notification when a signal appears in the MetaTrader terminal;
  • Signal push-enables / disables notification when a signal appears via a PUSH notification in the mobile phone;
  • Allow trading time-sets the time at which it is allowed to receive signals from the indicator;
  • Bind text corner – the location of the statistics text in the indicator window (on the right or on the left);
  • Color for corner text – color of the corner information text of the indicator;
  • Color for text above signal arrow – color of the information text above the candle (bearish signal);
  • Color for text under signal arrow – the color of the information text under the candle (bullish signal).


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